UNIX Internals

  • 30 / Nov / 2020
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Course Descriptions

Unix is an operating system designed for use on any kind of computer or computing device. Current versions of Unix are running on everything from supercomputers to mobile phones. It is a multi-tasking, multi-user system. This means that a person using a Unix system can run more than one job, that is do more than one task at once, and that more than one user can share the resources of a single Unix system. Multi-tasking is common on personal computers now, but it was not always and most desktop personal computers probably still run as single user systems.

Some Unix systems have a graphical user interface (GUI) or graphical desktop environment similar to Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. Nonetheless, to take best advantage of Unix it is worth knowing something about how to use the system without the GUI.


Institute will provide ISO accredited certificate after course complition.


  • Topic 01Introduction to UNIX
  • Topic 02File Systems
  • Topic 03Processes
  • Topic 04Memory Management
  • Topic 05InterProcess Communication
  • Topic 06Project

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