Raspberry Pi Workshop

  • 30 / Nov / 2020
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Course Descriptions

The Raspberry Pi is a small but full-featured computer on a single board. It plugs into a monitor and you attach a keyboard, mouse and speakers. The Raspberry Pi can be used for browsing the web, creating documents and spreadsheets, playing games, watching videos and lots more. It also provides a great environment for learning programming and digital making. You can also connect up hardware to the Pi’s GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins and learn to program using electronics components. The Raspberry Pi can also be built into custom projects such as interactive museum exhibits or home automation solutions.


Institute will provide ISO accredited certificate on Raspbrry Pi and Sensors.


  • Topic 01Introduction to RaspberryPi
  • Topic 02Introduction to Sensors
  • Topic 03Introduction to Python
  • Topic 04Installation
  • Topic 05Connections
  • Topic 06Programming with Sensors

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