Intel 32 bit Assembly Language

  • 30 / Nov / 2020
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Course Descriptions

Assembly language was created as an exact shorthand for machine level coding, so that you wouldn't have to count 0s and 1s all day. It works the same as machine level code: with instructions and operands.

Assembly was one of the first programming languages which used text as input, as opposed to soldering wires, using plug boards, and/or flipping switches. Each assembly language was created for just one processor or family of processors as the instructions mapped directly to opcodes run by the processor.If you need to program device drivers or write compilers then understanding how a processor works is invaluable, if not required. The best way to understand this is to write some code in assembly.


You will get ISO accredited certificate from institute.


  • Topic 01Fundamentals & Toolchain
  • Topic 02Addressing Modes
  • Topic 03Arithmetic & Logical Instructions
  • Topic 04Managing Control Flow
  • Topic 05Functions
  • Topic 06Pointers, Structures, Unions
  • Topic 07Putting Together Everything
  • Topic 08Thread Services
  • Topic 09Networking
  • Topic 10Persistance

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