C++ Language

  • 30 / Nov / 2020
    8 am - 11 am
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Course Descriptions

C++ is everywhere, but predominantly it is in systems programming and embedded systems : What are those? Systems programming means low level systems like your operating systems or drivers that interface with hardware. It can also mean fairly or level different infrastructure like databases and web servers where use cases are generalizeable. Embedded systems means things like appliances, robotics, automobiles, and other highly resource constrained devices (though truthfully C and assembly are used as much or more than C++ in many cases)

C++ is also widely considered the language of choice when performance is needed : It is mature, can run almost anywhere, and has a great community. It is also reasonable to hire for due to the number of people who are already familiar with the language.


C++ Programming Language Certified Associate is a professional certificate offered by technOrbit Infosystems accredited by ISO that measures your ability to accomplish Objectorientd coding tasks related to basic and advanced programming in the C++ language, as well as fundamental programming techniques of C language also including the most common Logic building blocks.


  • Topic 01Brief History of C++ Language
  • Topic 02Difference between C & C++
  • Topic 03C++ Toolchain
  • Topic 04C++ Basics
  • Topic 05Control Structures
  • Topic 06Arrays and pointer in c++
  • Topic 07Members in Class
  • Topic 08Classes & Objects
  • Topic 09Object Orientation
  • Topic 10Access Specifiers
  • Topic 11Encapsulation
  • Topic 12Data Abstraction
  • Topic 13Inheritance
  • Topic 14Binding
  • Topic 15Function Overloading
  • Topic 16Operator Overloading
  • Topic 17Function Overriding
  • Topic 18Dynamic Memory Allocation
  • Topic 19Type Casting
  • Topic 20Static Keyword in C++
  • Topic 21Const Keyword in C++
  • Topic 22This Pointer
  • Topic 23Friend Concept
  • Topic 24Namespaces
  • Topic 25Inline Funtion
  • Topic 26Generics in C++ (Templates)
  • Topic 27Input , Output & Files
  • Topic 28Exception Handling in C++
  • Topic 29STL
  • Topic 30C++ Application using Qt

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