C Language

  • 30 / Nov / 2020
    6.30 am / 5:30 pm
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Course Descriptions

C programming language is not limited to but used widely in operating systems, language compilers, network drivers, language interpreters, and system utilities areas of development.Another strong reason of using C programming language is that it sits close to operating system. This feature makes it an efficient language because system level resources, such as memory, can be accessed easily.


C Programming Language Certified Associate is a professional certificate offered by technOrbit Infosystems accredited by ISO that measures your ability to accomplish coding tasks related to basic and advanced programming in the C programming language, as well as fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary, including the most common library functions and the usage of the preprocessor.


  • Topic 01Brief History of C Language
  • Topic 02Tool Chain of C Program
  • Topic 03Data Types, Variables and Constants
  • Topic 04Operators and Expressions
  • Topic 05Statements (Control Structures)
  • Topic 06Arrays
  • Topic 07Pointers
  • Topic 08Functions
  • Topic 09 Recursion
  • Topic 10 Dynamic memory allocation
  • Topic 11 Strings and Character Arrays
  • Topic 12 Scope, Linkage, Storage Classes
  • Topic 13 The C Preprocessor
  • Topic 14 Structure, Unions, Enumeration
  • Topic 15 File Handling
  • Topic 16 Graphics

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